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Girl's Tournament Rules


    1. Any team with committed players MUST play in the Elite Division, unless otherwise approved. Any committed player caught playing down will get pulled from the event and the team will be disqualified from playoffs.

    2. Divisions with 10 or more teams will be split into AA & A brackets. AA being the higher skill level of the two divisions. If a division is not split, it will be considered AA for that tournament.

    3. Teams may play up, but they may not play down for any reason.



Elite/High School – 2024-2027

if a 2024 is committed, they must play in the Elite division not HS division.


Generally, 8th Grade. NO players currently in High School are eligible for this division. Exceptions made for Canadian players.


7th Grade


6th Grade


5th Grade


3rd & 4th Grade



    1. Players cannot be rostered on two different teams, even within the same club. If a program is short players due to illness and you need to swing a few players for the sake of getting on the field, any players playing up must be approved by Adrenaline before being double rostered. However, we will not make schedule accommodations for this reason.

    2. Players cannot play for two teams within the same division.

    3. Graduated seniors (2024’s) can play on an open roster (max of 4); however, any team with graduated seniors HAS to compete in the ELITE division.

    4. PLAYERS MAY NOT PLAY DOWN FOR ANY REASON. If it is determined that a team had an older player participate in a game, that game (if won) will result in a 0-1 forfeit. If this happens on the first day, that team will become ineligible for the playoffs on day two. This kind of behavior will also affect the guilty club’s eligibility for future Adrenaline events.

    5. Any team that does not submit their roster prior to the event will not be eligible for playoffs.


    1. Each coach will be sent a blank Adrenaline Roster template to fill out. All information MUST be completed in the format provided.

    2. All preliminary rosters must be submitted to Adrenaline at least two weeks prior to the event.  Changes can be made to this roster up to one week prior to the event.

    3. Roster binders will be given to college recruiters at recruiting events.

    4. Roster updates or changes submitted after this time may not be reflected in the AET binders and players may not be evaluated as a result.


    1. Referees will keep game time and table personnel will keep penalty time.

    2. Decisions on the field will be final ruling. Tournament Director has the final say in any dispute.  No disputes will be heard after the game.

    3. All teams are responsible for picking up trash on their sideline after the game.


  1. GAME RULES - We will follow NFHS/USL rules with the following exceptions (A full list of U.S Rules can be found here:

    1. Time, Penalties, and Timeouts

  1. For pool play, playoff and consolation games that start every 45 minutes, Playing Time will consist of (2) two, (20) twenty-minute running halves with a (2) two-minute halftime.

  2. Clock will stop in final (2) two minutes for injuries and penalty assessment only.

  3. Any player who accumulates 2 major personal fouls (yellow cards) will sit out the remainder of that game. That player is allowed to play the remaining games in the tournament.

  4. In playoff games only, each team will receive one-30 second timeout at which time the clock will stop. Timeouts will not carry over to overtime. If a team does not return to the field in a prompt manner after the timeout, they will either lose possession of the ball or be assessed a delay of game penalty.

    1. Overtime

  1. In the event of a tie, there will be (1) one (3) three-minute overtime period until a team scores for regular, playoff and challenge games. In the event of a tie after (3) three-minute OT:

    1. For HS teams, teams will play sudden death until somebody scores.

    2. For MS teams, if it’s still tied after 3 minutes, they will play out a Braveheart.

    3. Stick checks can only be made at the official’s discretion.

    4. Checking

  1. High School will play full checking.

  2. 14U & 13U (8th & 7th Grade) will play full checking.

  3. 12U & 11U will play transitional checking.

  4. 10U is no checking

    1. Self-Start applies to all ages.

    2. Free Movement applies to all ages.

  1. Allows for free movement by players on a whistle or stoppage of play; players not involved in a free position may move freely on the field during a whistle or stoppage of play.

    1. Penalty Zone applies to all ages.

    2. Penalty in the 8 on game whistle (clarification).

  1. Team will play out the free position even though time has expired.

    1. 10U - 8v8 Play

    2. 8v8 including a goalie.

    3. Modified goals.

    4. At the draw players line up in both offensive and defensive end, traditional line up.

    5. Introduction of the 8-meter arc and restraining line at midfield.

    6. After a goal, resets with a draw.

    7. No checking and 3 seconds closely guarded applies

    8. Must play 1v1 defense.

    9. There is a one attempted pass rule.

    10. 5 goal mercy rule if the team that is down chooses to accept, they will start with the ball at the mid line.



    1. If a player is ejected from a game i.e. by an official for fighting or otherwise, that player will sit out the remainder of that game plus the following game.

    2. If a player receives 2 yellow cards in a game, that player will sit out the remainder of that game.

    3. If a team receives 4 yellow cards in a game, they must play down 1 player the duration of the game.

    4. If a fan enters the field of play to confront a player or an official, that fan may be banned from the tournament and the facility for the remainder of the event.

    5. If a team clears their bench to engage in an altercation, that team may be dismissed from the tournament. In the case that a team is dismissed, any games the team has played will be stricken from the tournament standings.

    6. The Tournament Director reserves the right to suspend any player, team or fan for any number of games, or from the event entirely, upon further review of the altercation details. 



  1. One referee at each game will hold the official scorecard for the game, and the field staff at the substitution box will keep the unofficial score as backup.

  2. At the end of each game, the referee will record the official score and the field staff representative will have both the winning and losing coaching sign the score card. The scorecard will be delivered by an Adrenaline representative to the Information Tent. The signed scorecards will be considered final and it is the coaches’ responsibility to carefully read the scorecard before signing it.

  3. All scores will be recorded on Tourney Machine.



  1. Points will be awarded after each game in the following matter AS IT PERTAINS TO RANKINGS:

  1. 3 points for a win

  2. 1 point for a tie

  3. 0 points for a loss

  1. Tiebreakers

  1. If 2 teams tied:

  1. Head to Head

  2. Goals against total

  3. Head to Head common opponent.

  4. Goals against common opponent.  If multiple common opponents take sum.

  5. Goal Differential common opponent. Ten goal differential max per game.  If multiple common opponents take the sum.

  6. Coin Toss

  1. If more than 2 teams tied

  1. Goals Against total

  2. Goals Against common opponent – only if they all played a common opponent.  If they all played multiple common opponents take the sum.

  3. Goal Differential common opponent – only if they all played a common opponent. Ten goal differential max per game.  If they all played multiple common opponents take the sum.

  4. Coin Toss round robin

  1. A v B

  2. B v C

  3. A v C

  1. In a situation where two teams have played each other head to head, the team who won that game will move ahead of the team that they defeated regardless of goals against. This is only if the teams are adjacent in the rankings (for example #2 and #3, but not #1 and #3) and teams may only move up one spot.  If a team has beaten BOTH teams ahead of them but is third in goals against, they may only move up one spot from #3 to #2.

  1. Odd divisions

  1. If there is a division with an odd number of teams, one team will be designated with a 4th game as an Exhibition Game.

  2. The Exhibition Game will not count toward the teams’ record, points for or points against for the team that is playing this 4th game, but head to head criteria will remain intact. For example, if Team A defeats Team B, and it is an Exhibition Game for team A, although the game will not be on Team A’s record or count towards their points for or points against, if both teams end up with the same record Team A will be ranked ahead of Team B per first tie breaker criteria of head to head.



    1. Team spots will not be held until registration is complete and deposit is paid.

    2. Team and player balance payments are due 30 days prior to the event.

    3. Teams and players NOT registered and paid will NOT be permitted to play.



    1. If you must withdrawal your registration from a tournament, please notify

    2. Registration fees are non-refundable.

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