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How are divisions decided?

All divisions are grade based. This means, if your child was accelerated in school, he or she can not play down due to age. They must play with their current grade level. At times, we do allow players to play up a division, but this decision is made between the coaches, parents, and tournament directors. 

Where should we stay?

We have a wonderful travel agent available to all coaches and families. Please visit our travel information page to get in touch with Erik!

Where can I find an official Tournament T-Shirt Vendor?

Our main vendor location is in Edwards. If you are not finding what you are looking for, we encourage you to make the drive.

Where can I find the player waiver?

Player waivers will be emailed to you by your child's coach. Once your coach or team admin completes the registration process through Tourney Machine, you will be sent an email with a waiver verification code. At this time, you will be asked to complete the waiver. 

When will schedules be posted?

Coaches will receive schedules first, but schedules will go live as soon as all rosters and player waivers are confirmed 

What field is my child playing on?

All division field locations can be found under Fields and Parking

When will games start on Day 1 of the Tournament?

Games will start at 8am and will end at 5pm

When will games be over on the last day of the Tournament?

All games will be over by 2pm on the final day of play 

Will teams play back-to-back games?

Our goal is to allow teams to explore Vail. That being said, game are formatting for teams to be at the field in the morning or the afternoon. Therefore, at times, back-to-back games are unavoidable. 

Do we have to pay for parking?

Paying for parking is required at the Vail fields (Ford and Athletic). Please know we are working with the town of Vail to get this removed. However, there is FREE parking at the parking garage in town, which is a short walk to either field. 

Can I upload my team roster?

Yes, please make sure your excel doc matches the column titles on Tourney Machine and your roster will upload. Or you can input each player individually. 

Do we have to have a US Lacrosse number?

VLT supports US Lacrosse and we do ask the lacrosse community give back to the organization through purchasing an US Lacrosse number. 

My child is coming to Vail but dues not have a team to play on. Can I register as a free agent?

You can register as a free agent here & Adrln will let you know if your child has been picked up with further instructions. The Vail Free Agent registrations are at the bottom of the page. 

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