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Facility Rules

The Field – Spectator Restrictions

-No dogs

-No sunflower seeds on turf fields

-Follow all parking rules & signs

-Please pick up trash



1.  Spectators and media, including photographers, are not allowed behind the end lines except in stadium structures where permanent seats exist which are also protected by a fence or netting.

2.  Spectators must be on the side of the field opposite the table and bench areas or in permanent stands separated from the bench area by a barrier and/or a buffer distance such as a track.

3.  Where possible, limit lines will be used. Spectators and media, including photographers, are not allowed within the limit lines at any time during a contest.

If the field is laid out in a manner that does not allow spectators and media to be located as prescribed by paragraphs a, b and c of this rule, as modified here, the game official can waive one or more of these requirements.

Game Administration – Sideline Managers & Coaches

Each team should provide a designated Sideline Manager (one adult per team, on site, per game-day contest) to help encourage, maintain, and manage the sportsmanlike behavior of spectators and fans and assist the coaches and officials in keeping spectators and media an appropriate distance from the sideline. If used, it is the responsibility of each team administration to ensure that the Sideline Manager is present and in place to perform his/her duties; however, this is not a game day rule to be enforced by the officials.

Teams are limited to three (3) coaches in the coaching box/side line during all games



Fighting will not be tolerated at this event. Any player, coach or spectator that is involved in a fight will be immediately ejected from the game and the remainder of the tournament. If the ejected person refuses to leave the field of play or continues to cause a disturbance that prohibits the game from proceeding, the staff reserves the right to eject that person from the facility or contact local law enforcement.

In the case of a fight during a game, the staff will defer to the game officials to determine which players were involved and should receive punishment. The staff will not take suggestions from anyone other than a tournament official (game official, scorer’s table staff, or  tournament staff) as to what players were involved in a fight).

The game officials reserve the right to end a game if the game cannot be safely controlled.

Ejection from a game

If a Player and/or Coach or any other team representative (players & coaching staff) is ejected from a game for any reason other than fighting that person will be removed for the remainder of the current game.


In addition, the Player and/or Coach will serve an additional suspension of the team’s next scheduled game including overtime that is attached to the said scheduled game.


Fouling Out

Any Player who accumulates 4 or more minutes of Personal Fouls during one game has fouled out of the current game. The Player will be able to return to play in the next scheduled game.


Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

Unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches and/or players will not be tolerated. Obscenities need not be used for language to draw a penalty. Tone, intent, and body language can all contribute to unsportsmanlike conduct. Players and coaches will exhibit the highest level of sportsmanship at all times. This means that in addition to the unsportsmanlike examples contained in NFHS Rule 5-10, any player or coach who uses derogatory or profane language on the field or bench, whether addressing a player, coach, or official may receive: first offense, 1 to 3-minute non-releasable unsportsmanlike conduct penalty; second offense, a 3-minute non-releasable expulsion foul.




Referee calls of any kind are not grounds for protest. The tournament administration will stand behind calls made by game officials and will not change or override any call made on the field of play.



Illegal Players


A team with illegal players will forfeit all games and automatically be placed in the lowest tournament bracket seed.


Note: It is allowable for a player to appear for a team after the tournament has begun as long as that player was listed on the original roster before the team’s first game began.

If a jersey switch of any kind becomes necessary during the tournament for any reason (inclement weather, jersey damage, etc) the team must get the approval of tournament administration


Players can’t double roster and will be ejected from the tournament

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