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VLT Insider Travel Tips

Need a travel agent: CLICK the link --->

-Get the best deals on team housing

-Book all outdoor activities (zip lining, rafting,     paddle boarding, and more...

-Score a deal with Adventure Ridge passes!

Allow for extra time on I-70. This is the main HW from DIA and Denver to Vail. 

Prior to arriving in Vail, drink TONS of water. The altitude can cause players to get sick

Always wear sunscreen!!! 

Check the weather the night before you leave. Colorado is known for rapid changing weather.

Put names and phone numbers on ALL player equipment. With 5 different field sites, items do get misplaced. Please label your items so we can find you

Enjoying the outdoors is STRONGLY encouraged. Go white water rafting, zip lining, paddle boarding,mountain biking, or for a hike.

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